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SSS Soil System Sciences Structure

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Division on Soil System Sciences


Soil System Sciences (SSS) structure
Heike Knicker
Deputy President
Programme Group Chair
Heike Knicker
Science Officer
Stephen Mackenzie Bell
OSPP Coordinator
Anna Gunina
Secretary for News and Outreach
Yavar Vaziritabar
ECS Representative
Sigrid van Grinsven
ECS Co-Representative
Beatrice Giannetta
Yavar Vaziritabar

Awards & medals committees

Alina Kabata-Pendias Medal committee
Alina Kabata-Pendias Medal
Committee members Cécile Quantin
José María de la Rosa
Ravendra Naidu
Philippe Duchaufour Medal committee
Philippe Duchaufour Medal
Committee chair Mary K. Firestone
Committee members Andreas A. Richter
Donald L. Sparks
Jose Antonio González-Pérez
Outstanding Early Career Scientists Award committee
Outstanding Early Career Scientists Award
Committee chair Heike Knicker
Committee members Diana C.S. Vieira
Gina Garland
Lucia Fuchslueger

Journal editors

Executive editors of SOIL
Executive editors Engracia Madejón Rodríguez
Jeanette Whitaker
John Quinton
Kristof Van Oost
Executive editors of Solid Earth (SE)
Solid Earth (SE)
Executive editors Andrea Di Muro
Arjen Stroeven
CharLotte Krawczyk
Federico Rossetti
Susanne Buiter

SSS Programme Groups

SSS1: History, Education and Society of Soil Science
Committee chair Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja
Committee member Demetrio Antonio Zema
Feliciana Licciardello
SSS2: Soil Erosion and Conservation
Committee chair Panos Panagos
Committee member Carla Sofia Ferreira
Milica Kasanin-Grubin
SSS3: Soils as Records in Time and Space
Committee chair Oren Ackermann
Committee member Brad Sion
Ladislav Šmejda
SSS4: Soil Biology, Microbiology and Biodiversity
Committee chair Edith Hammer
Committee member Stefan Geisen
Lucia Fuchslueger
SSS5: Soil Chemistry and Organic Matter Dynamics
Committee chair Carsten Mueller
Committee member Antonio Girona-García
Gabriel Sigmund
SSS6: Soil Physics
Committee chair Laurent Lassabatère
Committee member Simone Di Prima
Frederic Leuther
SSS7: Soil Pollution and Reclamation
Committee chair Miriam Munoz Rojas
Committee member Carmen Pérez-Sirvent
Erika Silva Santos
SSS8: Soil, Environment and Ecosystem Interactions
Committee chair Pablo Tittonell
Committee member Zahra Kalantari
Mariano Moreno de las Heras
SSS9: Soils, Forestry and Agriculture
Committee chair Marta Maria Moreno
Committee member Diana Vieira
Rossano Ciampalini
SSS10: Metric, Informatics, Statistics and Models in Soils
Committee chair Laura Poggio
Committee member Sara König
Sara Cucchiaro
SSS11: Material and Methods in Soil Science
Committee chair Anette Eltner
Committee member Álvaro Gómez-Gutiérrez
Yang Yu
SSS12: Soil Policy and Legislation
Committee chair Beatrice Giannetta
Committee member Petra Stankovics
Laura Quijano