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Sessions for Early Career Scientists

A huge variety of General Assembly sessions, short courses and events will be of interest to early career scientists (ECS). We will update this website once the EGU 2017 Programme is live and highlight many ECS specific activates. You’ll also be able to find the ECS session shortlist -filled with the courses and meetings that have a strong ECS focus- via this page.

For an idea of what to expect at the next General Assembly here are some of the highpoints of EGU 2016: there were 66 short courses, more than ever before! The ECS Lounge was improved and more networking events took place, allowing ECS to forge those all-important contacts and collaborations. The ECS Forum provided an opportunity for members of the ECS community to learn how to get involved with the EGU as well as a place to provide feedback. Good communication skills were recognised via the Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards and the Communicate Your Science Video Competition. You can find out more information about activities for ECS at the 2016 General Assembly here.