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Upcoming Election

EGU Election Autumn 2014

The EGU Election Autumn 2014 for the Treasurer and Division Presidents will take place between 01 November - 01 December 2014.

You are kindly asked to propose a candidate to any vacancy by 15 September 2014. You are welcome and encouraged to nominate yourself. If you are nominating someone else, please get the candidate's consent. Please have the information listed in the application form as well as a photograph available when you summit the application.

Below is a list of the current division presidents, including the number of terms they have served. The current term of all presidents expires in April 2015.

DivisionPresident# of terms
Atmospheric SciencesOksana Tarasova *2
BiogeosciencesAlina Stadnitskaia1
Climate: Past, Present & FutureThomas Blunier1
Cryospheric SciencesJürg Schweizer1
Earth Magnetism & Rock PhysicsGeorg Dresen *2
Energy, Resources and the EnvironmentChristopher Juhlin1
Earth and Space Science InformaticsJoan Masó1
GeodesyMichael Schmidt1
GeodynamicsIrina M. Artemieva1
Geosciences Instrumentation and Data SystemsWalter Schmidt *2
GeomorphologyAndreas Lang *2
Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & VolcanologyNicholas Arndt *2
Hydrological SciencesGerrit de Rooij *2
Natural HazardsStefano Tinti *2
Nonlinear Processes in GeosciencesShaun Lovejoy1
Ocean SciencesPeter Brandt1
Planetary and Solar System SciencesÖzgür Karatekin1
SeismologyCharlotte Krawczyk *2
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and PalaeontologyPatric Jacobs1
Soil System SciencesArtemi Cerdà *2
Solar-Terrestrial SciencesNorma B. Crosby *2
Tectonics and Structural GeologySusanne Buiter1

* Division presidents serving for their second term have to be replaced by a new candidate. Division Presidents in their first term can be re-elected for a second term.

Former Election Results