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Division on Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

Awards & medals committees

Ex-officio members are not included; they are the relevant division president and the chair of the Union Awards Committee. Awards and medals committee members should declare at the beginning of the selection procedure any potential conflict of interest.

Louis Néel Medal

Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

Ian Main (Chair)
Christopher J. Spiers
Philip Meredith
Toshihiko Shimamoto

Petrus Peregrinus Medal

Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics

Dominique Jault (Chair)
Agris Gailitis
John Tarduno
Rob van der Voo

Arthur Holmes Medal & Honorary Membership

Solid Earth geosciences

Trond H. Torsvik (Chair)
Brian L.N. Kennett
Carlo Laj
Irina M. Artemieva
Nicholas Arndt
William E. Dietrich