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EGU press conference (Credit: Kai Boggild/EGU)

News & press Overview

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Welcome to the news and press section of the EGU website. Here you will find:

If you wish to receive our press releases via email, please use the news subscription form. Subscribed journalists and other members of the media receive EGU press releases under embargo (if applicable) in advance of public dissemination.

This section also includes other information of interest to journalists, such as on press activities at the annual EGU meeting (General Assembly), the largest geosciences conference in Europe, and on the EGU Science Journalism Fellowship, an annual competition to sponsor journalists wishing to report on the Earth, planetary and space sciences.

Finally, we also provide resources intended to help scientists communicate with the media.

For more information, please contact:

Asmae Ourkiya
Asmae Ourkiya
Media and Communications Officer
Phone +49-89-2050-76340