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The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is Europe’s premier geosciences union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences for the benefit of humanity, worldwide. Membership is open to individuals who subscribe to the objectives of the EGU and who are professionally engaged in or associated with either the geosciences, planetary and space sciences, or related studies.

Membership is affordable, costing only €10 for students and emeritus, and €20 for established researchers. See the eligibility, fees & application page for more details. The benefits of EGU membership are listed below.

You can apply to become a member or renew your membership online using the application form.

Benefits of EGU membership

Lower registration rates at EGU General Assemblies

The annual EGU General Assembly brings together geoscientists from all over the world, providing a unique forum for scientists to present their work, network, and discuss their ideas in the Earth, planetary and space sciences. EGU members receive a discount when registering for the annual conference. The conference registration fee for non-members is higher than the cost of the EGU membership and the discounted ticket put together.

Registration at membership rates at annual meetings of the AGU, the AOGS and the JpGU

The EGU has signed Memoranda of Understanding with the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) and the Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU). As part of these agreements, AGU, AOGS and JpGU offer EGU members registration at discounted rates at their annual meetings (and vice-versa).

Apply for travel support and present your research at EGU General Assemblies

Only EGU members of a given year (e.g. EGU 2020 members), as well as honorary, life and complimentary members, are eligible to submit an abstract as first authors to the EGU General Assembly of that year (e.g. EGU 2020 General Assembly). EGU members are also eligible to apply for Roland Schlich Travel Support to attend the meeting. The conference brings together thousands of Earth, planetary and space scientists from around the world to present, discuss and network in a dynamic setting. EGU members also benefit from substantially reduced registration rates to the meeting.

A monthly email newsletter

The EGU newsletter, a short email publication sent to subscribers each month, is especially designed to keep EGU members up to date with EGU events and activities, as well as to inform about news in the Earth, planetary and space sciences. It includes research highlights from the EGU journals and news relating to EGU, its scientific divisions and meetings, in particular the General Assembly. EGU members are given the option to subscribe to receive the Union’s email newsletter when buying their EGU membership.

Eligibility to nominate a candidate or stand for a position in the EGU Council and to vote in EGU elections

The EGU is a bottom-up organisation structured in scientific divisions, committees, and a Council. The Union Council consists of the members of the Executive Board (president, vice-president, treasurer, general secretary, and executive secretary), the committee chairs, the division presidents, and an early career scientist representative. Members can have a strong voice in the Union and play a leading role in shaping its future through participating at the division meetings, voting in EGU elections or standing for a position in Council. Note that EGU complimentary members cannot stand for election.

Participation in the Plenary Session during the General Assembly

The EGU Plenary, which takes place every year at the EGU General Assembly, is one of the the main avenues for bringing forward new ideas to the EGU. In addition, the plenary is where the past and future development of the Union is presented to EGU members. Among others, this session includes a welcome presentation and report by the president, a report by the treasurer about the fiscal calendar year, a discharge of the Executive Board, an inauguration of new Council members, and a presentation of the upcoming autumn elections. The Plenary typically takes place at lunch time on the Monday of the EGU General Assembly and includes a light lunch for participants.

Nominate candidates for EGU awards and medals

Each year, the EGU awards & medals programme recognises eminent scientists for their outstanding research contribution in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, and identifies the awardees as role models for the next generation of early career scientists to foster geosciences research. EGU members can endorse individuals who have distinguished themselves through their work and that are deserving of recognition by the EGU.

Apply for financial support from the EGU to organise scientific meetings, conferences, workshop or training schools

The EGU meetings programme is dedicated to the pursuit of progress in all areas of the Earth, planetary and space sciences through the organisation and running of conference series, topical meetings, workshops and training schools for the benefit of all scientists, with special attention to the needs of early career researchers. EGU members can apply for sponsorship of meetings, as well as organise Galileo conferences, informal meetings addressing well-focused cutting-edge topics at the frontier of geosciences research.

Eligibility to apply for EGU Public Engagement Grants

The EGU has a grant scheme to celebrate and recognise excellent science communication in the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The EGU Public Engagement Grants are awarded to EGU members interested in developing an outreach project that aims to raise awareness of geosciences outside the scientific community, be it a comic, podcast, trip, documentary, etc.

Greatly reduced subscription rates to the printed versions of all official EGU publications

While EGU journals are open access, with articles being free to access for all online, physical copies of manuscripts can be costly due to printing and handling costs. EGU members receive greatly reduced subscription rates to the printed versions of all official EGU publications.