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Where the Selenga River meets the Lake Baikal (Credit: Galina Shinkareva, distributed via

ESSI Earth and Space Science Informatics Structure

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European Geosciences Union

Division on Earth and Space Science Informatics


Earth and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) structure
Jens Klump
Deputy President
Kaylin Bugbee Email
Programme Group Chair
Jens Klump
Science Officers
Kerstin Lehnert Email Geochemistry
Christof Lorenz Email Hydrology
Antonio Novellino Oceanography
OSPP Co-ordinator
Liaison AGU ESSI Section
Martina Stockhause Email
ECS Representative vacant

Awards & medals committees

Ian McHarg Medal committee
Ian McHarg Medal
Committee chair Kirsten Elger
Committee members Alice Fremand
François Robida
Mikhail Kanevski
Stefano Nativi
Jean Dominique Cassini Medal committee
Jean Dominique Cassini Medal
Committee chair Rosaly Lopes
Committee members Anders Johansen
Janet Luhmann
Rumi Nakamura
Sara Russell
Veronique Dehant

Journal editors

Executive editors of Geoscientific Model Development (GMD)
Geoscientific Model Development (GMD)
Executive editors Astrid Kerkweg
David Ham
Juan Antonio Añel
Min-Hui Lo
Paul Ullrich
Richard Neale
Rolf Sander

ESSI Programme Groups

ESSI 1: Next-Generation Analytics for Scientific Discovery: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI
Conveners Federico Amato
Kerstin Lehnert
Christian Chwala
ESSI 2: Data, Software and Computing Infrastructures across Earth and Space Sciences
Conveners Horst Schwichtenberg
Mohan Ramamurthy
Paolo Mazzetti
Peter Löwe
ESSI 3: Open Science Informatics for Earth and Space Sciences
Conveners Kirsten Elger
Pierre Philippe Mathieu
Martina Stockhause
ESSI 4: Advanced Technologies and Informatics Enabling Transdisciplinary Science
Conveners Jane Hart
Jens Klump
Lesley Wyborn