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Masino river (Credit: Christian Massari, distributed via

HS Hydrological Sciences Structure

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European Geosciences Union

Division on Hydrological Sciences



Maria-Helena Ramos

Deputy President

Alberto Viglione

Programme Group Chair

Maria-Helena Ramos

Science Officers

Elena Toth

HS1: General hydrology

Maria-Helena Ramos

HS1: General hydrology

Kerstin Stahl

HS2: Catchment hydrology

Alberto Viglione

HS2: Catchment Hydrology

Maurizio Mazzoleni

HS3: Hydroinformatics

Ilias Pechlivanidis

HS4: Hydrological forecasting

Andrea Cominola

HS5: Water policy, management and control

Chiara Corbari

HS6: Remote sensing & data assimilation

Andreas Langousis

HS7: Precipitation & climate

Irina Engelhardt

HS8: Subsurface hydrology (Groundwater)

Stefano Ferraris

HS8: Subsurface hydrology (Vadose zone)

Stefan Haun

HS9: Erosion, sedimentation & river processes

Anke Hildebrandt

HS10: Estuaries, wetlands & ecohydrology

Outreach and Communication Division Committee

Laurent Pfister

Miriam Coenders

Bettina Schaefli

HS Blog editor (Coordinator)

Bailey Anderson

HS Blog editor

Caitlyn Hall

HS Blog editor

Giulia Zuecco

HS Blog editor

Maria-Helena Ramos

HS Blog editor

Sina Khatami

HS Blog editor

Hydrological Sciences Interdisciplinary sessions

Maria-Helena Ramos

Hydrological Sciences Short Courses

Maria-Helena Ramos

Henry Darcy Medal Committee Chair

Elena Toth

John Dalton Medal Committee Chair

Lena Tallaksen

OSPP Coordinators

Andreas Hartmann

Luisa Hopp

ECS Representative

Kirsten M. Florentine Weber

ECS Co-Representative

Elena Cristiano


Miriam Coenders


There are currently ten Subdivisions, including a subdivision on general hydrology (monitoring and cross cutting issues). Distinct fields within the broad area of hydrology are covered. Each Subdivision Committee organises a set of oral, poster or PICO sessions to cover its field. The members of the Subdivision Committees meet during the EGU General Assembly and start preparing the draft programme for next year’s meeting in late spring/early summer. Membership of the committees of these Subdivisions is open: you can e-mail the Subdivision Committee Chair to request membership or you may directly join the meeting during the General Assembly to get involved in the Subdivision activities and in particular in the organisation of the programme, including proposal of sessions and volunteering as convener or co-convener (see overview of Programme Organisation and Convener Tasks).