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Angioletta Coradini Conferences on Solar System and Planetary Processes

EGU Angioletta Coradini Conferences promote novel and innovative research related to all aspects of space research, in particular chemical and physical processes and their interactions with the Sun, other host stars, the heliosphere and astrospheres with the planetary magnetospheres, atmospheres and climate.

This conference series is named in honour of Angioletta Coradini (1946–2011) an Italian astrophysicist and planetary scientist. Amongst her many activities, she performed analysis of lunar samples, examination of the geology of surfaces of inner planets, remote sensing studies of terrestrial volcanic areas in the infrared, investigation of the thermal evolution of planets and satellites, studies of the thermal differentiation of comet nuclei, Centaurs and Kuiper Belt objects and developed models of the primitive solar nebula and planetary subnubulae for studies of planet formation. In addition, she was a co-investigator or principal investigator in a large number of NASA and ESA space borne experiments. She was honoured for her work, which combined observational and theoretical approaches, with an EGU David Bates Medal in 2007 and an EGU Jean Dominique Cassini Medal, awarded posthumously in 2012.