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Division on Earth and Space Science Informatics

Division on Earth and Space Science Informatics

President: Helen M. Glaves (
Deputy President: Jens Klump (

As far as informatics and information technology are concerned, the ESSI division deals with Community-driven and multidisciplinary challenges and solutions. This include topics like: data model and metadata standardization, spatial data infrastructure interoperability, semantics services, quality and uncertainty information encoding and propagation, geospatial data processing, environmental model accessability, big data management, and data visualization for scientific discovery.

Recent awardees

Kerstin A. Lehnert

Kerstin A. Lehnert

  • 2018
  • Ian McHarg Medal

The 2018 Ian McHarg Medal is awarded to Kerstin A. Lehnert for exceptional contributions to the advancement of informatics and, in particular, her pioneering efforts on open, transparent and reproducible science.

Latest posts from the ESSI blog

Good practice in the evaluation of researchers

A new statement on good practice in the evaluation of researchers and research programmes has been posted by three national academies (Académie des Sciences, Leopoldina and Royal Society). It states that “the use of bibliometric indicators for early career scientists must in particular be avoided. Such use will tend to push scientists who are building their career into wellestablished/fashionable research fields, rather than encouraging them to tackle new scientific challenges.” (p. 4). Read the full statement at:

Strengthening Early Career Scientists (ECS) in EGU ESSI

Strengthening Early Career Scientists (ECS) in EGU ESSI

The number of presentations from ECS in the ESSI sessions has been low during recent EGU General Assemblies. We are hence currently trying to get greater involvement and recognition for the ECS in the ESSI Division. How to get involved as ECS in the ESSI division? Join the ESSI ECS mailing list We have a dedicated ESSI ECS mailing list that can be used for discussion between the ESSI ECSs. It is also used for announcements, such as dedicated meetings …

Current issue of the EGU newsletter

The meeting programme for the EGU 2018 General Assembly (8–13 April, Vienna) is now published online. With close to 18,000 abstracts and around 950 scientific sessions, debates, short courses and side events, it promises to be a very exciting meeting. If you have not yet registered, please do so by 1 March to get reduced registration rates.

In parallel with the publication of the General Assembly programme, the EGU has also issued a statement stressing that all scientific presentations at its annual meeting have equal importance, independent of format.

In addition to EGU conference news, we also advertised a series of vacancies this month. Would you like to help EGU further its outreach, education and early-career-scientist (ECS) programmes? The EGU Outreach Committee is looking for a new chair and new members, the Committee on Education is seeking a new chair, and a number of divisions are searching for new ECS representatives.

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