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EGU22 Press Conference, May 2022 (Credit: EGU)

Media at the EGU General Assembly
Vienna, Austria | 23–27 May 2022
EGU General Assembly 2022 Press Centre

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EGU General Assembly 2022 Press Centre

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EGU22 will allow journalists to learn about new developments in a range of fields, such as planetary exploration, Earth observation, polar science, climate change, pollution and natural hazards. The last two General Assemblies, Sharing Geoscience Online in 2020 and vEGU21: Gather Online, were organized as virtual meetings due to COVID-related restrictions. In 2022, the EGU aims to provide an on-site experience again for those attending in-person, while at the same time introducing new concepts to include virtual attendees as much as possible.

We strongly encourage all media participants to register in advance to facilitate co-ordination of press materials and resources during the meeting, and for in-person attendees, to permit badge collection on arrival to the conference centre. Online registration is open until the last day of the EGU General Assembly 2022.

Click here to check your eligibility status for EGU22.