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NH Natural Hazards Plinius Conferences on Mediterranean Risks

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Plinius Conferences on Mediterranean Risks

Since 1999, these conferences have provided a crucial interdisciplinary contribution in improving our understanding of extreme rain events over the Mediterranean area, their ground effects and other related extremes, such as drought. Their objective is to provide a strong interdisciplinary forum for discussion of the present state of knowledge, as well the necessary advances in research and application disciplines related to Mediterranean storms. The series focuses on bringing in interdisciplinary participants in meteorology, hydrology, geomorphology and the broad natural hazards sciences, having traditionally been held in conjunction with activities of the EGU Natural Hazards Division.

Thirteen of these conferences were organised from 1999 to 2011, each hosted by a different country. Topics vary year to year, but often include the nature and physical processes of extreme Mediterranean events, expected changes in relationship to predicted climate changes, advanced techniques to observe, monitor and forecast Mediterranean storms, the relationship of Mediterranean storms to coupled surface processes and effects, with particular emphasis on damaging floods and landslides and, finally, the socio-economical implications of Mediterranean storms.

The conferences typically last for three days and include key international invited speakers, contributed talks and posters, as well as active participation by early career scientists. In addition to scientific experts and participants, this topical conference series encourages participation of engineers and decision-makers, including management experts.

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