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Division on Planetary and Solar System Sciences

Division on Planetary and Solar System Sciences

President: Stephanie C. Werner (
Deputy President: Özgür Karatekin (

The aim of the Planetary & Solar System Sciences Division of the EGU is the promotion of all fields of planetary sciences, ground-based and space mission exploration of the solar system and beyond,  and related models. PS covers papers on both fundamental and applied topics regarding the exploration of the Solar System. The Division, devoted to Science applications in Space, hosts interdisciplinary contributions on the origins and the evolution of the Solar System and the exoplanetary Systems, as well as ideas for future exploration while largely contributing to outreach and educational activities for all audiences.


Science Flash

Science Flash competition comes back during EPSC 2017 in Riga! Science_Flash_EPSC2017.png

Principle?: Present your research in 180s with only one slide in a fun and original way!

When?: September 20, 2017

Registration?: Send an e-mail with your name, your institution and the title of your presentation to

For more details, check the  flyer (337.3 KB)

Workshop for early career scientists!

In the framework of a two days workshop entitled "Space Exploration - Pushing the Frontiers", we will create an exhibition on planetary exploration. The exhibition will travel with the participants to be shown at their university/institution. In groups, we will develop different stations of the exhibition concerning the different planetary bodies, the according space missions, the future plans etc. We imagine the exhibition consisting of posters, videos, multimedia and texts, but there is no limit to the creativity of the participants. Share your knowledge in your area of expertise with other young space scientists, and with laymen, children and colleagues.



When? The weekend before the EGU General Assembly 22/23 April, 2017.

Where? The University of Vienna.

More information and registration here (1.0 MB)


Cosmo Paint


This year at the EGU General Assembly 2017, a drawing contest will be organized for the children staying at the child care.

More information: here (492.8 KB)

Recent awardees

Tim Van Hoolst

Tim Van Hoolst

  • 2019
  • Runcorn-Florensky Medal

The 2019 Runcorn-Florensky Medal is awarded to Tim Van Hoolst for seminal contributions to the geodesy and geophysics of the terrestrial planets and satellites and for leadership in planetary geodesy.

John Carter

John Carter

  • 2019
  • Division Outstanding Early Career Scientists Awards

The 2019 Division Outstanding Early Career Scientists Awards is awarded to John Carter for his discoveries in Martian surface composition, outstanding research on hydrated minerals with implications for Martian climate, and key developments on the analysis of orbital spectral data.

Anna Mittelholz

Anna Mittelholz

  • 2019
  • Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards

The 2019 Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards is awarded to Anna Mittelholz First results from the InSight FluxGate Magnetometer: Constraints on Mars’ crustal magnetic field at the landing site

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…ever thought of becoming a guest writer?

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Seismology Job Portal

Seismology Job Portal

On this page we regularly update open positions in Seismology. Do you have a job on offer? Contact us at Latest open positions: STATISTICAL SEISMOLOGIST Summary: We are looking for a scientist with a proactive, problem-solving attitude, who has a strong foundation in statistics, excellent computing skills and experience working with seismological data. Activities will include, but are not limited to, research into both time-dependent and stationary seismicity models across all time-scales, development and application of model testing methods, …

Seismology Job Portal

Seismology Job Portal

On this page we regularly update open positions in Seismology. Do you have a job on offer? Contact us at Latest open positions: Seismologist at Royal Observatory of Belgium: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Geophysics at University of Bristol: Interdisciplinary Ph.D. project at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany: Post-doctoral fellowships in the frame of the ERC-StG grant NEWTON at University of Padova, Italy. For information, please contact Manuele Faccenda ( and Andrea Morelli (

Current issue of the EGU newsletter

This month the EGU announced the results of the autumn 2019 elections, which included selecting the Union’s next President, General Secretary and Division Presidents. We also opened two calls for geoscience teachers: one to attend a GIFT workshop in March that will be held in conjunction with the 36th International Geological Congress in Delhi, India, and a second for university-level geoscience teachers to attend a teaching focus group meeting associated with the 2020 General Assembly.

Please remember that the deadline for abstracts for the General Assembly is 15 January 2020 at 13:00 CET. Before then, consider renewing your EGU membership to be part of Europe’s largest geosciences union. EGU members are eligible to submit an abstract to the General Assembly and enjoy substantially reduced meeting registration rates, among other benefits.

Applications are now open for the EGU General Assembly Mentoring Programme (deadline: 31 January 2020).

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