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Patterns in the Void (Credit: Christian Klepp, distributed via

PS Planetary and Solar System Sciences Workshops

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Space Exploration - Pushing the Frontiers

In the framework of a two days workshop, we will create an exhibition on planetary exploration. The exhibition will travel with the participants to be shown at their university/institution. In groups, we will develop different stations of the exhibition concerning the different planetary bodies, the according space missions, the future plans etc. We imagine the exhibition consisting of posters, videos, multimedia and texts, but there is no limit to the creativity of the participants. Share your knowledge in your area of expertise with other young space scientists, and with laymen, children and colleagues.

When? The weekend before the EGU General Assembly 22/23 April, 2017.

Where? The University of Vienna.

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AbGradE 2015 (co-organized by EGU PS division) on 5 October in Noordwijk, the Netherlands

This year, the Astrobiology Graduates network in Europe (AbGradE) and the early-career scientists of the EGU Planetary and Solar System Sciences (PS) division organize a one-day mission-design workshop together with ESA-ESTEC on 5 October 2015, directly before the 15th EANA Astrobiology Conference, which takes place 6-9 October in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, and focusses this year on "Astrobiology and Spaceflight".

The number of participants for AbGradE 2015 will be limited. If you plan to attend, a pre-registration is advantageous. We will also provide some travel grants, for which pre-registered participants will be prioritized.

Pre-registration deadline AbGradE: 5 June 2015.
Registration deadline AbGradE (and EANA): 28 June 2015.

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