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GM Geomorphology Emile Argand Conferences on Alpine Geological Studies

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Emile Argand Conferences on Alpine Geological Studies

Emile Argand was a Swiss geologist who specialized in tectonics and mountain building processes. Based on his studies of the Alps and global tectonics, including the Himalayas, Argand developed the concept of mobilism. Much of Argand's work has been confirmed by modern plate tectonics, though the timing and mechanism proposed by his famous contemporary, Alfred Wegener, have been shown to be invalid.

The Alpine workshop is held every two years to further interdisciplinary research on Alpine-type orogens. It promotes the discussion of new data and interpretations based on studies addressing the structural, tectonic, metamorphic and sedimentary evolution of the Alps and adjacent Mediterranean Alpine-type orogens in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Increasingly the community became aware of the fact that it is necessary to see the Alps as part of a larger system of Circum-Mediterranean orogens that form a continuous, but highly curved and extremely mobile orogenic system.

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