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GMPV Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology Division on Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

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Division on Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

Division on Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

President: Marian Holness (
Deputy President: Evgenia Ilyinskaya (

The Geochemistry-Mineralogy-Petrology-Volcanology division includes disciplines that are fundamental to, but not restricted to studies of the solid earth. Important themes include the nature, composition, structure of the Earth’s mantle; the composition, origin and evolution of the oceanic and continental crust; the formation and crystallization of magmas; the chemical compositions of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks; element transfer between the surface envelopes of the earth; volcanoes and volcanism. While most of these studies fall in the realm of fundamental research, studies of pollution in the surface or subsurface waters, the formation of ore deposits, and the environmental impact of volcanism are examples of more applied research.

The GMPV division collaborates with the VGP division of the American Geophysical Union, and with professional societies like the European Association of Geochemistry and the European Mineralogical Union.

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Recent awardees

Urs Schaltegger

Urs Schaltegger

  • 2021
  • Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal

The 2021 Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal is awarded to Urs Schaltegger in recognition of his fundamental advances in geochronology applied to petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, and tectonics.

Michael C. Jollands

Michael C. Jollands

  • 2021
  • Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award

The 2021 Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award is awarded to Michael C. Jollands in recognition of his groundbreaking work on ionic diffusion in minerals, with wide application in determining the timescales of geological processes.

Marissa Lo

Marissa Lo

  • 2021
  • Virtual Outstanding Student and PhD candidate Presentation (vOSPP) Award

The 2021 Virtual Outstanding Student and PhD candidate Presentation (vOSPP) Award is awarded to Marissa Lo Modelling the ascent of picritic lunar magmas

Latests posts on the GMPV blog

Challenging racism in the geosciences

The hard truth is, that the geosciences are among the least diverse disciplines in the wide fields of the natural sciences. When we look at the time span from 1973 to 2016, we find that 14,246 PhD degrees were given to white men, while “only” ~5234 were earned by white women in the US. These numbers are already quite shocking, but I promise you it will even get worse: a total of only 163 PhD degrees were given to black …

#EGU22 session in the spotlight: Volcano-glacier interactions: Arctic, Antarctic, and globally

The #EGU22 abstract submission is almost here – less than a week until it closes on January 12th at 13:00 CET. So it is time to wrap up our sessions in the spotlight with a last highlight – the interdisciplianry session GMPV9.3 “Volcano-glacier interactions: Arctic, Antarctic, and globally“. This session is organized by a diverse team consisting of Eva Eibl, Iestyn Barr, Adelina Geyer and Gioachino Roberti. So if you are interested in volcano-glacier interactions you should give it a …

#EGU22 session in the spotlight: Mass transfer in subduction zones: Metamorphism, fluids, and melts

How to better start the new year than with submitting your abstract to #EGU22? In case you still did not find the right session yet, we have another great session in the spotlight today – GMPV 2.2 “Mass transfer in subduction zones: Metamorphism, fluids, and melts“, which focusses on the fundamental role fluid and melt expulsion from the slab plays in subduction zones. This interesting session is organized by early-career researchers Jesse Walters, Hugo van Schrojenstein Lantman, Melanie Finch, Eirini …

#EGU22 session in the spotlight: Differentiation and storage of magmas at crustal-mantle boundary depth: linking experiments, models and field observations

It’s slowly getting winter in Europe and everybody is slowly starting to finish everything left to do within this year. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to think about an abstract for #EGU22 – the deadline is just within the new year (12. January 2022). But which is the perfect session to accomodate the great science you performed during this year? If you are working on magma chamber dynamics and crystal nucleation and growth during high-pressure differentiation and storage, todays …

Current issue of the EGU newsletter

In the December issue of The Loupe we learn about the vital importance of mountain glaciers with Harry Zekollari in this month’s special webinar Vanishing Glaciers and seak to ECS Cryosphere Division blogger Larissa van der Laan about her work on glaciers and how she uses science-art in her career as a researcher and artist.

You can also watch the free recording of our special webinar about Digitalk:online (geo)science communication, available now on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to submit your abstract for EGU22, which is still intended to be held as a hybrid event 3 – 8 April 2022! Find out more here as well as information about the registration fees and submit your abstract by 12 January 2022 at 13.00 CET.

In addition this issue also shares the latest Journal Watch and GeoRoundup of December EGU journal highlights.

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