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Masino river (Credit: Christian Massari, distributed via

HS Hydrological Sciences Subdivision on Catchment hydrology

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European Geosciences Union

Division on Hydrological Sciences

Subdivision on Catchment hydrology

Chairs: Björn Guse and Miriam Glendell

Under ever growing human pressure on natural resources, key tasks of hydrology include the observation of dominant hydrological processes (partitioning of incoming precipitation, storage and release of water and transport of substances),  predictions about their temporal occurrence and about spatial patterns, understanding the scaling effects or process feedbacks and ecosystem evolution. The central landscape unit for these analyses is the catchment that filters incoming precipitation and transforms it into the hydrological response. From a water resources management point of view, the catchment is the natural unit for decision making and for natural hazard assessment (e.g. water pollution, shallow landslides, floods and droughts).

Scientific sessions organized by the subdivision on catchment hydrology thus bring together specialists in all fields of hydrology but with a special focus on process understanding and model development at the catchment scale.

Topics of interest include:

Given the scope of all other subdivisions, a session on large scale hydrology is traditionally also hosted by the Catchment Hydrology SD. Special sessions pertaining to the above topics with pronounced cross-disciplinarity might also be run in selected years in the General Hydrology SD.