HS Hydrological Sciences Subdivision on Water policy, management and control

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Subdivision on Water policy, management and control

Chair: Andrea Castelletti

water_policy.jpg Water is key to sustain human health and secure food, energy production, and ecosystem services.  Climate and land use change together with growing populations are straining freshwater availability worldwide. Successful water resources management and policy requires an integrative understanding of coupled human and natural system components, and proper characterisation of the multiple and heterogenous sources of uncertainty affecting their (co-)evolution in time. This improved knowledge  can be used to build mathematical models and support decision makers in delivering scientifically sound, economically-efficient and socially acceptable policy. 

The Water Policy, Management and Control subdivision provides a forum for discussing the most recent advances in water resources systems analysis, planning and management to inform public policy, water resource allocation, innovative water demand management strategies, conflict resolution, decision making, water governance, and sustainable development in a changing world. 

Topics covered include