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Masino river (Credit: Christian Massari, distributed via

HS Hydrological Sciences Subdivision on Subsurface hydrology (Groundwater)

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European Geosciences Union

Division on Hydrological Sciences

Subdivision on Subsurface hydrology (Groundwater)

Chair: Irina Engelhardt

The dynamics associated with flow and transport scenarios in porous and fractured media are subtle and ubiquitously complex. They involve a very wide range of physical, chemical and biological processes and span an astonishingly broad range of spatial and temporal scales. Addressing heterogeneity in all its manifestations is a key challenge in this framework. The Groundwater subdivision covers a variety of research questions and applications involving flow and transport phenomena in porous and fractured media. This session is aimed at providing an opportunity for specialists to exchange information and to introduce existing and novel alternative (conceptual and mathematical) models to approach subsurface flow and transport to the general hydrological community, with critical and timely applications to environmentally and industrially relevant settings.

Topics covered include