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Masino river (Credit: Christian Massari, distributed via

HS Hydrological Sciences Subdivision on Estuaries, wetlands & ecohydrology

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European Geosciences Union

Division on Hydrological Sciences

Subdivision on Estuaries, wetlands & ecohydrology

Chair: Natalie Orlowski

The subdivision on Ecohydrology, Wetlands and Estuaries (EWE) hosts sessions that are concerned with the relationships between hydrological, ecological and other aspects of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The EWE subdivision aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and stimulate the development of our knowledge of the interactions and feedbacks between these hydrological and other ecosystem processes, and how they relate to ecosystem properties, dynamics and functions. Understanding these highly interactive, complex and often delicate relationships at different scales is crucial to support sustainable management of both water resources and ecosystems.

Interdisciplinary is at the core of this subdivision, bringing together specialists from a range of different fields. Many of our sessions are co-organised with one or more of Biogeosciences (BG), Soil System Sciences (SSS), Geomorphology (GM), and Ocean sciences (OS). However, the hydrological determinants are central to all sessions in the EWE subdivision. Estuarine, lacustrine and wetland hydrological topics not related to their respective wider ecosystem functioning are also covered under the umbrella of EWE. 

Topics covered include, but are not limited to: