HS Hydrological Sciences Subdivision on Erosion, sedimentation & river processes

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Division on Hydrological Sciences

Subdivision on Erosion, sedimentation & river processes

Chair: Stefan Haun

The subdivision on Erosion, Sedimentation and River Processes (ESRP) covers all aspects of research related to the detachment, transport, storage and redistribution of sediments spanning hillslopes to catchments, lakes and estuarine environments. It encompasses both measurement and modelling approaches, with emphasis on technique and model development as well as applications. We also cover research on sediment and associated contaminant sources, transport, transformations and re-mobilisation in river systems, catchments and lakes.

The subdivision is cross-disciplinary and spans other areas of hydrology as well as geomorphology, soil system sciences and biogeosciences. ESRP is differentiated from other areas by our core focus on the interaction of hydrological and sediment delivery processes, related methods and their applications to address important challenges in the management of land and water resources.

Topics covered