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Eligibility, fees & application

Eligibility & fees

Regular membership is open to individuals who subscribe to the objectives of the EGU and who are professionally engaged in or associated with either the geosciences, planetary and space sciences, or related studies.

Those applying for student or retired senior (emeritus) membership must provide proof of their student status or that they are aged 60 or older and retired from full-time employment, respectively.

Membership is on a calendar year basis. Membership applications received after 1 December will be made effective as of 1 January of the following year, unless otherwise requested.

EGU regular membership 20,- EUR / year
EGU student membership1 10,- EUR / year
EGU emeritus membership 10,- EUR / year
EGU life membership2 500,- EUR

1 PhD students are eligible to apply for student membership
2 A life membership is unlimited and has some incentives, e.g. entrance to the EGU Lounge on-site at the General Assembly.


Membership subscriptions are handled by Copernicus Gesellschaft mbH on behalf of the EGU.

Please head to the membership form in order to renew your membership or become a new member.

Need help?

For more information about the EGU and becoming a member, contact the EGU Executive Office:

Simone Aechter

Simone Aechter