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Galileo demonstrating the new astronomical theories at the University of Padua (Credit: painting by Félix Parra, 1873)

Meetings Galileo Conference selection procedure

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Galileo Conference selection procedure

Only EGU members can submit applications for Galileo Conferences. Applications have to be submitted via the Galileo Conference proposal form.

The Topical Events (TE) Committee screens proposals within two weeks after the submission deadline in consultation with relevant EGU division presidents. Exceptionally, external reviewers may be consulted at that stage already. If the TE Committee sees potential for a Galileo Conference the proposal is sent out for review. Reviewers are division presidents and internationally recognised Earth, planetary or space scientists with expertise relevant to the event’s topic. A minimum of three reviews is required for each proposal. The target date for the applicant receiving a decision is end of April.

After scientific evaluation, the proposals are forwarded to the EGU logistics provider, Copernicus GmbH.

At this stage the applicants, the logistics provider and the EGU office discuss organisation and financial details, including venue, time schedule, costs, risks, registration fees and a roadmap to the conference. Negotiations are expected to be concluded within 6 weeks (by mid-June at the very latest). Failure of the proposal can also occur at this stage.

Members of the organising committee are asked to formally approve the final conference organisation programme and roadmap resulting from the negotiations, which are then submitted to the EGU Council for final approval. Final approval of a proposal is communicated to the organising committee by the EGU executive secretary by end of June.

Galileo Conferences are expected to take place within the 12 months after March 1 of the following year.