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EGU Galileo conferences are named in honour of Galileo Galilei, the famous Italian physicist, philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, universally recognised as the founder of modern science.

The EGU Galileo conferences address well-focused cutting-edge topics at the frontier of geosciences research. The conferences are informal: the state-of-the-art is outlined in keynote presentations designed to trigger in-depth discussion of important aspects of the conference topic.

For further information please contact the Galileo conferences coordinator Thomas Blunier at:

List of EGU Galileo Conferences

Submit a new Galileo Conference Proposal

All proposals submitted will be considered for approval by the Topical Events Committee. Decisions for or against support are based on scientific merit, timeliness, relevance and feasibility of the proposal, and cannot be disputed by the applicant(s).

Galileo Conference support request submissions are currently closed and will re-open early next year.

Submission periods are usually from 1. December until end of February of the following year (3 months in total).