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Participants at a GIFT workshop (Credit: Jane Robb/EGU)

Education Tertiary Education Geoscience initiatives

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Tertiary Education Geoscience initiatives

EGU Education Committee provides an increasingly wide range of support for all those who teach geoscience at university level, including PhD students, postgraduates, research fellows, and permanent academic or teaching support staff.

New initiatives are being proposed in the hope of having a greater impact on the university community.

Professional network in LinkedIn

Promotion of Tertiary Education in Geoscience among university students and university educators through the establishment of a professional network in LinkedIn.


Early Career Scientist support

The support of 1 Early Career Scientist (ECS) with experience in teaching Earth, planetary, and space sciences at the university level and in conducting research in the field of geoscience, by receiving a fellowship (2 500 €). Call for applications coming in November.

Geoscience Distinguished Lectures series at University

The EGU Committee on Education is going to renew with an annual series of Geosciences Distinguished Lectures, to be given by top scientists who have previously participated as speakers in GIFT workshops during the EGU General assemblies. University teachers from the European area are welcome to request a lecture, for which the EGU Committee on Education will cover the travel and subsistence costs of the speaker. Lecturers and topics should be selected among the ones given in the latest 5 years in EGU General Assembly GIFT Workshop, whose programs can be viewed on the GIFT webpages. Be aware that lectures will be offered in English only. The distinguished lectures will be in hybrid mode to ensure a broader visibility of the initiative. More than, one University could participate to the event.

More information including event criteria and the application process will available on the EGU website in November.

Science ethics and neocolonialism course

Education Committee seeks to develop a course in cooperation with EDI Committee.

The course is a natural development of the initiatives done in the past two years within the Union (Union symposium in 2022, Great Debate and Short course in 2023) and the EGU statement on the inclusion of global research.

The Education Committee will develop the course with the collaboration of the EDI committee and some external experts. We will develop resources for tertiary education on scientific ethics and neocolonialism, through different pathways:

Tertiary education geoscience teaching material grants (HETG)

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) awards periodically grants to fund the preparation of Tertiary Education (university-level) geoscience teaching materials. The purpose of this new EGU programme (started in 2020) is to enable the preparation of teaching resources that will be freely available to everyone who teaches university-level geoscience. EGU established this programme after a survey of university educators indicated there was a strong demand for geoscience teaching resources. These higher education teaching grants, can be on any geoscience topic, including laboratory or fieldwork.

The teaching packages, which must be self-contained and with all components copyright-free, are made available online. The contents are fully attributed to the author(s), and the expectation is that the resources should be made freely available for download from the EGU website and also from the authors’ personal or institutional website (EGU will advertise a link to the resource). The teaching packages must be accompanied by all the necessary digital or video resources in addition to data, background information, student worksheets, and a reading list.

Additional EGU resources for HE teaching of geosciences