Galileo demonstrating the new astronomical theories at the University of Padua (Credit: painting by Félix Parra, 1873)

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Submitting a Galileo Conference proposal

This page provides information for EGU members interested in submitting a proposal to organise an EGU Galileo Conference.

Information required to fill in the proposal form


Checklist for submission

Submit a new Galileo Conference proposal

All proposals submitted will be considered for approval by the Topical Events Committee. Decisions for or against support are based on scientific merit, timeliness, relevance and feasibility of the proposal, and cannot be disputed by the applicant(s).

We are currently accepting applications for the period 1 November 2020 to 2 March 2021 (CET/CEST).

Please use the following application form to initiate a Galileo Conference support request. Please read the introduction and selection procedure carefully before submitting.