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EGU webinars are hosted quarterly and give EGU members an opportunity to learn about EGU activities or science-related skills from the comfort of their own homes or offices. All webinars are free for current EGU members. Each session will also be uploaded to the EGU YouTube page after one week to allow anyone who is unable to join the live session to still benefit from the information.

Please feel free to share our webinars with anyone who may be interested. The EGU also welcomes suggestions for webinar topics. Please send your ideas to policy@egu.eu.

Upcoming webinars

Get more involved in education!

The EGU’s Education Committee oversees a number of programmes that assist geoscience teachers and their students. These activities are helping to shape high-quality geoscience learning experiences for future generations. This webinar will explain to both teachers and EGU members the Education Committee’s role and the programmes it currently sponsors.

Greening the EGU General Assembly

The annual EGU General Assembly, Europe’s largest geoscience conference, attracts more than 16,000 participants. This webinar will outline the measures that the EGU has taken to date to reduce the meeting’s environmental footprint and provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions about these initiatives and offer suggestions of ways to further green the conference.

Careers outside of academia

  • 3 June 2020, 16:00

Scientific skills and knowledge are becoming progressively valued in non-academic job sectors. However, navigating job opportunities and transitioning to different career paths can be difficult. This webinar will focus on the career paths of three scientists who are working in non-academic sectors.

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