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Crowds at the EGU 2017 General Assembly (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Meetings Conference series: Submitting a proposal

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Conference series: Submitting a proposal

EGU supports several conferences in what is known as the EGU Conference Series. These conferences generally take place every two years and have a scheme that fits the area of one or more of the EGU divisions. All conferences are named after a past prominent geoscientist.

Requirements and benefits

EGU is committed to the development of the next generation of Earth, space, and planetary scientists. For this reason, EGU financial support is administered with the primary focus of facilitating the participation of Early Career Scientists who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. Selected applications are funded a total of EUR 8000 for this purpose, EUR 3000 of which we recommend to allocate towards logistics services, such as those provided by Copernicus (further outlined below).

While applications are open to any EGU members worldwide, some differences pertaining to the amount of support might apply. Depending on the type of application, EGU may have to pay a VAT (value-added tax) of 19% on the granted support to the German tax authorities.

We therefore encourage applicants to be backed up by an EU-based structure (non-profit organisation, public institution or contracted company) who will handle the financial support on their behalf, whenever possible. This allows the applicant to take advantage of the full extent of the support available through EGU.

The lead organiser must be an EGU member, neither incoming nor actively holding a role within EGU Council at the time of the application. The organising committee should demonstrate diversity in gender, career stage, and geographic affiliation and must include a member of EGU Council as an observing party. The conferences supported by EGU need to be clearly visible as EGU conferences. EGU branding is therefore expected, offering the conference increased visibility and reputation. For this reason, we recommend the logistics services of Copernicus GmbH, who has extensive experience with EGU-sponsored events. We therefore suggest that the event website is set up by Copernicus GmbH, in addition to arranging abstract and/or registration management through Copernicus. If the organisers decide to use these recommended services, an additional contract must be signed directly with Copernicus.

Funding is provided following what is termed the 60/40 rule; where 60% of the total funding is paid upfront, and the additional 40% is provided after completion of the conference and follow-up reporting. Alternatively, the full sum of funding can be provided upon event completion and reporting.

Upon acceptance of EGU support, the organisers must return a signed agreement with EGU. Following the event, a report of activities and expenditure statement must be provided to EGU. We ask organisers to collect participant feedback on the event, to be incorporated into the report of activities.

Should the conference receive a positive assessment from the Topical Events Committee after review of the activities report, the conference can be reinstated as part of the EGU Conference Series. For this, no formal application is required. Instead, a short proposal must be sent to the Topical Events Committee at least one year in advance of the next meeting. We further encourage selected applicants to seek other funding sources, when appropriate.

We expect that the EGU Council will ask the Topical Events Committee for a programmatic review of all conferences, with a recurrence interval of six years. Such a review procedure may result in changes to the EGU Conference Series by the removal of some conferences and addition of new ones, as to fairly represent the wide range of subjects covered by EGU’s scientific divisions.

Submit a new proposal

The 2024 call for EGU Conference Series is seeking submissions for the following conferences:

Proposals for conferences can be submitted only during the official submission periods. All proposals will be considered for approval by the Topical Events Committee. Decisions for or against support are based on scientific merit, timeliness, relevance and feasibility of the proposal, and cannot be disputed by the applicant(s).

Conference applications are currently closed.

Next submission period will be from 6 May – 17 June 2024. Evaluation results are expected to be published within three months after the submission deadline.

Need help?

If you have any questions regarding EGU conferences series please do not hesitate to contact:

Stephen Mojzsis
Stephen Mojzsis
Topical Events Committee Chair