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Withered beauty of Badeb-e Surt (Credit: Maria Tsekhmistrenko, distributed via

Outreach Blogs

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European Geosciences Union


The EGU hosts a number of blogs that aim to share accurate information about geoscientific research, in a language understandable not only to fellow scientists but also to the broader public. With a particular focus on European research, the blogs offer a place for scientists to interact with each other and the Union.


GeoLog is EGU’s official blog. It regularly brings readers information about the Union and its activities, particularly its General Assembly. Guest and opinion posts written by external contributors also have a place on the blog.

Regular features:

Past features:

EGU network blogs

The blogs on the EGU network complement our official blog, featuring a diverse community of geoscience bloggers:

Banner image of Geology for Global Development

Geology for Global Development
by Joel Gill & Rosalie Tostevin

Banner image of VolcanicDegassing

by Dave Pyle

Banner image of Water Underground

Water Underground (co-hosted with AGU)
by Tom Gleeson

EGU division blogs