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To be Young (Qinghai Lake, China) (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

ECS Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

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Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

This database has a list of a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses spanning the geosciences across Europe. This resource is for those who would like to search for courses based on a specific subject area, rather than by university. We have a range of undergraduate and masters courses covering many of the scientific divisions we represent.

Below, you can search the database by type of degree, subject area, language and country, with the option to look for key words. PhDs are listed under the careers section of the early career scientists pages.

For more information about the individual courses, go to the course website on the university’s page and contact the administrator or course director. Anyone is free to search and upload course details on the database, and therefore the EGU does not necessarily endorse these courses.

If you are interested adding a course to this list please use the course submission form. Please note that this database is for undergraduate and master courses only. To list short-duration courses such as summer schools, please use the meeting submission form.