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This database has a list of a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses spanning the geosciences across Europe. This resource is for those who would like to search for courses based on a specific subject area, rather than by university. We have a range of undergraduate and masters courses covering many of the scientific divisions we represent.

Below, you can search the database by type of degree, subject area, language and country, with the option to look for key words. PhDs are listed under the careers section of the early career scientists pages.

For more information about the individual courses, go to the course website on the university’s page and contact the administrator or course director. Anyone is free to search and upload course details on the database, and therefore the EGU does not necessarily endorse these courses.

If you are interested adding a course to this list please use the Course Submission Form. Please note that this database is for undergraduate and master courses only. To list short-duration courses such as summer schools, please use the Meeting Submission Form.


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  1. Environmental Sustainability (MSc)

    Location: Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
    Course language: English

    The Environmental Sustainability pathway allows you to specialise in this key area of environmental management. It involves some practical field work at Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth. The pathway will involve industrial case studies where you will interact with consultants and environmental professionals followed by a dissertation in this specialist … Read more ]

  2. Environmental Engineering and Science (MSc)

    Location: Thrace, Greece
    Course language: Greek

    The 3-semester postgraduate program “Environmental Engineering and Science” is a new program, which was established in academic year 2009-10, and has three directions of study: 1. Climate change and technologies for energy production from renewable sources. 2. Management of waste and water resources a) Subspecialty: Solid waste and wastewater engineering … Read more ]

  3. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) (MSc)

    Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
    Course language: English

    roviding a broadly based postgraduate qualification in the field of GIS permitting some choice in application selection. Develop in-depth knowledge of the issues involved in applying GIS to solving spatial problems with an understanding of the constraints imposed by application area and the interactions between data, methods, people and technology. … Read more ]

  4. Geoinformatics (MSc)

    Location: Helsinki, Finland
    Course language: Finnish

    Students can focus either on spatial analysis, visualization or GIS software engineering. Other options for specialisation are remote sensing and positioning technologies. The Department of Surveying of Aalto University is well-known for its education and research both in Finland and abroad. The courses are organised mainly by the members of … Read more ]

  5. Earth Dynamics and Natural Hazards (MSc)

    Location: Montpellier, France
    Course language: French

    Since 2010, this new Master offers an integrated training from the study of Earth-Dynamics to the assessment of Natural-Hazards, Over the last decade, risks to people and economic losses associated to earthquakes-landslides-or-flood events have increased due to rapid urbanisation and denser populations. This master offers a high quality and intellectually … Read more ]

  6. Risk and Environmental Hazards (MSc)

    Location: Durham, United Kingdom
    Course language: English

    This course is designed to provide critical training in core methodologies and to offer in-depth analysis in one element of contemporary risk. They are targeted at a wide range of potential students, including professionals seeking training for career advancement and those wishing to pursue research degrees. We are committed to … Read more ]

  7. Disasters, Adaptation and Development (MAMSc)

    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Course language: English

    The programme embeds training in disaster risk reduction with access to a broad range of optional modules that enable the student to craft a degree that can include technical specialisms in GIS and remote sensing, organisational risk management, or poverty alleviation and international development. It aims to enable students to … Read more ]

  8. Hazards and Disaster Management (MSc)

    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Course language: English

    You will study the underpinning scientific principles of both natural hazards (eg hurricanes, storms and tornadoes, flooding, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and radon gas emissions) and human-induced disasters (eg terrorism, explosions and oil tanker accidents). You will also cover modern disaster management strategies and planning techniques for the mitigation … Read more ]

  9. Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Science, Engineering and Public Policy (MA)

    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Course language: English

    This Masters in Public Administration equips science, technology, engineering and public policy professionals with the skills they need to influence public decision-making in today’s globally interdependent world. As public policy issues become increasingly complex, the world needs trained professionals who can integrate science and engineering into policy processes and decision-making … Read more ]

  10. Earth Sciences (MSc)

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Course language: Dutch

    Would you like to contribute to the sustainable development of Earths resources? There is great need for such scientists in a society that can no longer take for granted factors like climate, clean drinking water, the availability of oil and gas or the stability of the ground upon which we … Read more ]