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King Felipe VI of Spain at the EP (Credit: European Union 2015 - European Parliament, distributed by Flickr)

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EGU science-policy pairing scheme

Almost every policy decision, regardless of the country or government level, has a scientific component to it. Science can help policymakers to more accurately assess the benefits and potential consequences of different policy pathways. To help promote a culture of evidence-informed policymaking and encourage stronger science-policy partnerships, the EGU sponsors an annual science-policy pairing scheme.

The scheme offers selected Europe-based EGU members the opportunity to gain insights into the policymaking process and the types of information policymakers need while at the same time providing policymakers with access to scientific expertise. As part of the scheme, selected EGU members will visit Brussels and work alongside a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who has volunteered to participate in this scheme. All expenses will be covered by the EGU. The dates and specific activities that will take place during the pairing scheme will be determined by each MEP’s needs, the area of expertise of the selected scientist and the participants’ availability.

Below you will find the EGU’s past and future pairing schemes. If you require any additional information, please contact the EGU Policy Manager Chloe Hill via

Past pairing schemes