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Participants at a GIFT workshop (Credit: Jane Robb/EGU)

Education Support for educators

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Support for educators

Support for Field School for Teachers

With a wish to provide support and financial assistance to geoscience field schools in Europe, every year the Education Committee launches a call for applications. This application process should enable the Committee to collect as much information as possible about the initiatives being carried out in Europe and to help certain initiatives on the basis of their impact on teachers and students.

Examples of Field Schools for Teachers supported by Education Committee in the recent years

EC offers has supported dynamic Earth workshops, for school teachers and early career academics (in tandem with other organisations) in geoscientifically dynamic areas of Europe, such as the Corinth Rift (Greece) and Mount Etna (Sicily). These are high-level field schools, supervised by local and international scientists. These activities shows the importance of fieldwork in geology for the teaching in the schools.

Please click here to see the full list of past and upcoming workshops supported by EC.

Support for national or International events promoting Geoscience Education

The Education Committee has been able to support, with success, events for school teachers to promote Geoscience Education in Europe and beyond (for example: International Earth Science Olympiads).

This is an interesting opportunity to establish links with the education community outside Europe in particular. Each year, proposals are received by the EC to organise events for teachers on geoscience education.

You are interested by a partnership with EGU Education Committee for your Geoscience Education Event, please contact us

Pairing Scientist-Teacher project and Kits for schools

The EC collaborate with Outreach Committee in ‘Pairing EGU Teacher-Scientist Pairing Scheme'. As the project develops, it is important that there is a strong continuing collaboration between both Outreach and Education Committees.

'Pairing EGU Teacher-Scientist Pairing Scheme' is linked with Teaching Kits for School project idea. The idea behind Teaching Kits for School is to assemble and offer teachers portable kits that contain lesson plans and resources for teaching geoscience topics. Teachers can borrow these kits free of charge or at a low cost (for shipment), use them in their classroom, and send them back to us when they are finished.

You are teacher and interested to be involved in this projects, keep in touch with us