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Withered beauty of Badeb-e Surt (Credit: Maria Tsekhmistrenko, distributed via

Outreach Imaggeo

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Imaggeo is the online geosciences image and video repository of the European Geosciences Union. Every geoscientist who is an amateur photographer (but also other people) can submit their images to this repository. Being open access, it can be used by scientists for their presentations or publications, as well as by members of the public. If you submit your images to imaggeo, you retain full rights of use, since they are licensed and distributed by EGU under a Creative Commons licence.

EGU photo competition

Associated to Imaggeo, the EGU organises an annual photo competition and a related exhibit at its General Assembly. Every conference participant can submit up to three photos on any broad theme related to the Earth, space and planetary sciences. Submitted entries are automatically made available to all from Imaggeo. A panel of judges chooses between eight and fifteen finalist photographs for exhibition at the General Assembly, where each participant can vote on their favourite photos. The three winners receive a free registration to the following General Assembly.

Finalists of the annual EGU photo competition