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Communicating Science Resources

This page includes resources intended to help scientists communicate with journalists and the wider public.

Press Conference at the EGU 2012 General Assembly

Communicating with the media

  • Is my research newsworthy? To find out whether your new paper, or the abstract you are presenting at the EGU General Assembly, is of interest to journalists, have a look at this list of newsworthy criteria.
  • My paper has just been press released: now what? If you have not dealt with reporters before, the tips on this short guide may come in handy.
  • A damaging earthquake just happened, or a volcano eruption is affecting air travel, and a journalist has reached out to find out more about the science behind the event. If you have little experience in communicating with the media, especially about natural disasters, this guide might be useful.
  • Help, I'm speaking at a press conference! This guide includes practical information about EGU General Assembly press conferences, as well as tips to help you get your message across and clarify your points to journalists at a media briefing.

Communicating with the broader public

The following resources were prepared for the purpose of helping EGU division get to grips with blogging and social media, but they include tips and tricks that might be helpful for anyone considering starting a science blog or using Twitter or Facebook to share science.