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EGU Award Ceremony (Credit: EGU/Foto Pfluegl)

Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards 2014 Tabea K. Lissner

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Tabea K. Lissner

Tabea K. Lissner
Tabea K. Lissner

ERE Energy, Resources and the Environment

The 2014 Division Outstanding Young Scientist Award is awarded to Tabea K. Lissner for her interdisciplinary contributions to geosciences and climate research.

Tabea K. Lissner has contributed to important advancements in the work needed to tackle the challenges associated with the provision of energy and other social resources. She developed the concept of the Livelihood Index as a simple and powerful tool for the integration of the geosciences and social sciences, giving societal relevance to scientific research. Her work truly spans a wide range of disciplines, including various topics such as hydrology and climate science. Lissner’s research has resulted in high impact interdisciplinary publications of significant relevance and has received great recognition within the Global Water System Project, which seeks to answer fundamental questions about the relationship between humans and the water cycle. In climate change science, the Livelihood Index is an important tool connecting climate mitigation and adaptation research to where it has the most significance – to people’s lives.