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Integrated Climate System Sciences


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Climate and Paleoclimatology
Hamburg, Germany
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Your curriculum for the two-year ICSS master`s program is subdivided into four semesters with mandatory courses, elective courses for specialization and the preparation of your master’s thesis. The curriculum starts from a firm basis in climate physics (and in particular climate modeling) but adds the equally important aspects of global and regional biogeochemical cycling and puts all this into a broader context, including economic as well as societal implications. SICSS courses comprise a wide range of atmospheric, hydrospheric, cryospheric, pedospheric and biospheric sciences, as well as introductions and specializations into economics, social geography, media sciences and conflict research to shed light on climate system science from different perspectives.

You will start your studies with mandatory courses in research skills, as well as natural and social science foundation courses in climate system sciences.
The main goal of the second semester is to broaden your knowledge across the climate science disciplines. You will choose courses from at least two of the three possible program tracks.
The third semester features the Climate Study Project, which includes an integrated seminar and a scientific writing course to prepare you for the master thesis. You will find your personal supervisor and work closely together with a KlimaCampus research group.
The fourth and final semester is reserved for the master’s thesis.