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Engineering Geology


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Energy, Resources and the Environment
Hydrological Sciences
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Each course of study is integrated with the MSc courses in Soil Mechanics and Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics, and includes lectures, laboratory practicals, coursework, field courses and the preparation of a dissertation. Visits to civil engineering works, other sites and institutions are arranged as appropriate; there is a one-week study tour during the Easter vacation. The cost of travelling and subsistence will be approximately £700. In addition, independent fieldwork is usually required in connection with the dissertation.
The syllabus of lectures covers the full range of topics within the scope of engineering geology, including the related fields of soil mechanics, rock mechanics and groundwater hydrology and the application of engineering geology to the solution of problems in environmental geotechnics arising from waste disposal, waste management, urban renewal and sustainable engineering. There is an intensive supporting programme of tutorials, laboratory practicals and coursework, which amounts to about 200 contact hours.