ECS Disasters, Adaptation and Development

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Disasters, Adaptation and Development


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Natural Hazards
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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The programme embeds training in disaster risk reduction with access to a broad range of optional modules that enable the student to craft a degree that can include technical specialisms in GIS and remote sensing, organisational risk management, or poverty alleviation and international development. It aims to enable students to develop the skills required to engage with both cutting edge academic literatures and policy work so that they can participate in this dynamic and contested arena. These aims are achieved by the unique combination of theoretical and practical modules that draw on the expertise of the staff and internships with participating humanitarian and development organisations.On completion of the programme students will have attained a range of knowledge and skills appropriate to careers in research, management and consultancy in organisations engaged in promoting or managing disaster risk reduction, adaptation to risk from extreme climatic events and recovery from disaster in developing as well as developed countries, as well as generic skills opening the way to more general employment opportunities for M-level graduates. Students who wish to remain in academic research to pursue a PhD are encouraged to take the MSc programme.