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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


Type of degree
Geosciences Information and Data Systems
Manchester, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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roviding a broadly based postgraduate qualification in the field of GIS permitting some choice in application selection. Develop in-depth knowledge of the issues involved in applying GIS to solving spatial problems with an understanding of the constraints imposed by application area and the interactions between data, methods, people and technology.

Applied Geographical Information Systems (Applied GIS)

Helps develop an in-depth knowledge of GIS based methods for monitoring social/human and natural environments. Establish an effective understanding of the spatial interaction of social/human and environmental factors and develop the capability to extract information from a variety of sources and to analyse and assess within a GIS framework.

Geographical Information Technologies (GI Technologies)

Aids critical understanding of the software engineering practices and standards that underpin database and web application development and the methodologies for implementing those practices in a GIS context. A critical understanding of the issues involved in designing the storage and use of geographical data in databases and web-based applications is forged. Also key is proficiency in the design, implementation and evaluation of small scale database and web-application projects.

As a UNIGIS student you will be joining an extensive Geographical Information Systems (GIS) community, with representatives in over 30 countries. Current and past students come from a wide range of disciplines and organisations in the UK and abroad, including local government, utilities, consultancy, GIS vendors, education and research, business and commerce.