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To be Young (Qinghai Lake, China) (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

ECS Integrated Climate System Sciences

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Integrated Climate System Sciences


Type of degree
Climate and Paleoclimatology
Interdisciplinary / Other
Hamburg, Germany
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SICSS offers a well-structured MSc program in Integrated Climate System Sciences concluding with an internationally recognized degree – tuition free. It combines all sciences addressing the climate system including natural sciences as well as climate-relevant aspects of social and economic sciences.

This interdisciplinary approach will enable you to understand the processes of climate variability and climate change and its consequences for societies.

Your curriculum will focus on earth system sciences. To describe the earth system and its complexities, you will mainly use mathematical methods and numerical modeling. Another focus is on the climate-relevant aspects of social and economic sciences to understand political and social processes and conflicts arising from climate change.
This approach will enable you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the past, current and future climate variability of the earth system, letting you perceive Earth as an integrated system.