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To be Young (Qinghai Lake, China) (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

ECS Appllied Geomorphology and Alpine Natural Hazards

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Appllied Geomorphology and Alpine Natural Hazards


Type of degree
Natural Hazards
Tectonics, Structural Geology, and Geomorphology
Salzburg, Austria
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Facing the increasing global changes of the earth’s surface, a profound understanding of earth shaping processes and appropriate solving skills are required to prevent and cope with catastrophic events and unprecedented changes. Key issues of this master course include the identification, evaluation and assessment of geomorphic processes in the context of environmental changes and natural hazards. Advanced state of the art theory in geomorphology, geology and risk management combined with modern field techniques guaranty a solid expertise in earth surface processes and natural hazard analysis. Tools of surface and subsurface analysis such as laser scanner, geophysical prospection, geomorphic and geologic mapping, GIS and remote sensing are introduced in hands-on field projects in alpine settings. The Master’s program is geared to the fast-growing demand of such knowledge by consultants and public authorities involved in hazard analysis and risk management.