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To be Young (Qinghai Lake, China) (Credit: Xiaoming Wang, distributed via

ECS Environmental Systems Sciences: Climate Change and Transformation Science

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Environmental Systems Sciences: Climate Change and Transformation Science


Type of degree
Atmospheric Sciences
Climate and Paleoclimatology
Interdisciplinary / Other
Graz, Austria
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Study with us to understand the climate system, the connected risks of climate change for ecosystems and societies, and how we can transform towards carbon-neutral and climate resilient societies.
You can specialize either in physical climate sciences or in social and economic aspects of climate change. Your specialization is complemented by introductory courses in the respective other discipline. In a cross-cutting module, students from both specializations work together on interdisciplinary aspects such as climate risks and resilience. In a practical module you will experience solving real life problems in interdisciplinary teams of students. A comprehensive elective subject allows you to deepen your specialization, or gain deeper insight into the other field, or to broaden your knowledge beyond the two specializations and think outside the box.