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Participants at a GIFT workshop (Credit: Jane Robb/EGU)

Educational resource Bringing life back to Kenya’s grasslands

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Bringing life back to Kenya’s grasslands

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Soil System Sciences (SSS)


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The article and activity sheet are available through the following link:

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Land degradation causes soils to become less fertile, resulting in lower productivity in agricultural regions and decreased biodiversity. Led by Professor Mariana Rufino at Lancaster University, UK, an international team of researchers, including Dr Joseph Hitimana at the University of Kabianga in Kenya, is working with Kenyan farmers to find solutions to this problem. The ReDEAL project is utilising a community-focused, bottom-up approach to help provide Kenyan farmers with the tools and knowledge to restore their soils.

This brochure introduces Mariana and Joseph’s work, offers an insight into careers in agricultural science, contains an interview with Mariana and Joseph and includes an activity sheet that challenges students to apply the lessons learnt by the ReDEAL project to prevent land degradation. An animation also explains their work.