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EGU Election Autumn 2021

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Candidate details

Candidate details
Please provide information about advanced degrees you have received and previous professional experience.
Please provide details about awards and/or distinctions you have received.
Please include your vision for the position (maximum 2000 characters).
Please upload a professional portrait or passport photo in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format (max. file size 5 MB)

Contact details

Contact details

Data privacy

All data provided through this form will be reviewed by EGU Council members and might be shared with EGU office staff.

If the nomination you submitted is approved by Council, the candidate details will be published online and will be made available to EGU members during the election period. After the election, the candidate's full name and photograph will be made publicly available on the EGU website.

If the nomination is rejected, the candidate's data won’t be published online, but we may store it for up to 12 months to improve the application process. After this date, this information will be automatically removed from our database.

Data privacy
Please ensure you have only provided publicly available contact data or that you have explicit consent to upload personal data.
The EGU needs your contact information to validate this database entry. In addition we may (on rare occasions) need to contact you about your submission. You can withdraw your consent and have your data deleted at any time, in accordance with our privacy policy.