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EGU blog network application form

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EGU blog network application form

Here is your chance to join the EGU blog network! Since 2013, the Union’s network blogs have enjoyed thought-provoking and engaging contributions on a range of topics: from the workings of the inner Earth and palaeontology, through to geomorphology and air quality. The network aims at fostering a diverse community of geoscience bloggers, sharing accurate information about geoscientific research in a language understandable not only to fellow scientists but also to the broader public.

If you are an Earth, planetary or space researcher (whether you’re an early career scientist, or a more established one) with a passion for communicating your work, or a geoscience communicator, we’d like to hear from you!

Applicants can either apply to feature an already existing blog on the EGU network or propose a brand new blog. We also are accepting applications submitted by a blog team.

Network bloggers should be prepared to publish at least 1-3 blog posts a month. Please note that only blogs in English will be considered, as this is the EGU working language, and the language of the EGU blogs. We particularly encourage applications from all European countries, not just English-speaking countries, but bloggers from outside Europe can also apply.

Fill out this application by 16 September to be considered for the EGU’s official network of bloggers!

EGU blog network application form
If it is a group blog, please provide that name instead
Number of page views per day
What subjects do you normally write about? Who is your target audience?
The EGU needs this data to validate this database entry. You can withdraw your consent and have your data deleted at any time, in accordance with our privacy policy.