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Consultant Geophysicist

Job summary
Job summary
Sector Industry
Relevant divisions Geomorphology (GM)
Seismology (SM)
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology (SSP)
Tectonics and Structural Geology (TS)
Type Contract
Level Experienced
Location ISLAMABAD, Pakistan
Salary 70 - 95 € / Year, Medical Allowance
Required education Master
Application deadline Open until the position is filled
Posted 24 March 2017
Job description


  • To review periodic instrument tests (daily and monthly), to ensure that the recording system is functioning to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • To monitor geophone and cable tests to ensure that they meet contractual standards and that a rotational schedule of maintenance is being observed.
  • To ensure that all field data acquisition parameters are strictly adhered to and check observer’s reports for accuracy and legibility.
  • To monitor survey methods to ensure that line positioning is within required accuracies and in agreement with programmed pre-plot locations.
  • To ensure that receiver arrays are accurately laid out and geophones are firmly planted and well buried.
  • To review processing flows used on in-field data processing system to ensure that optimum quality seismic sections are being produced in a timely fashion for QC purposes.
  • To review daily and periodic vibrator and Impulse source tests and ensure that each unit is operating within contractual standards.
  • To ensure that Upholes are registered according to company specifications.
  • To monitor line clearance work to ensure that all crew personnel have safe access to the seismic lines and that acceptable clearance lead is maintained.
  • To participate in daily technical & safety meetings with Seismic Contractor’s personnel.

Basic Practical’s Skills for Industrial Application:-

  • Managing all seismic field operations like, surveying, shooting, cable layout, recording and geophysical data.

  • Operated 2D & 3D seismic projects involved parameter testing & evaluate Raw & Stack data.
  • Assigning plans to different groups & Quality control on field and layout procedures.
  • Assisting solutions to Chief Geophysicist for different operational difficulties.
  • Ability to work as a Team Member in order to enhance Quality of data and Production.
  • Responsibility of data shipment & data delivery on confirmed specifications.
  • Having good seismic data processing knowledge.

Professional Affiliation:

  • EAGE (European Association of Geoscientist & Engineers # M2017-5161)

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