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Postdoctoral Fellow in Seismology with Hans Thybo at Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences

Postdoctoral Fellow in Seismology with Hans Thybo at Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences


Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, Istanbul Technical University


Istanbul, Turkey


Relevant division
Seismology (SM)

Full time


salary ca. 120,000 TRY/year

Required education

Application deadline
Open until the position is filled

15 November 2017

Job description

Postdoctoral Fellow

Seismological interpretation of the North Atlantic region

Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences

This position is open for working with Professor Hans Thybo at the Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in an internationally acclaimed team of scientists. The research focuses on structure of the lithosphere and upper mantle processes through application of geophysical methods. The communication language in the group is English.

The present project is related to the ScanArray project, which is carried out in collaboration between the universities of Aarhus, Bergen, Copenhagen, Karlsruhe, Leicester, Oslo, and Uppsala, together with GFZ Potsdam, NORSAR and ITU. Extensive collaboration with partner universities is anticipated, including a series of workshops.
The project: We seek a Postdoctoral Fellow and a PhD student for a project on seismic tomographic imaging of the upper mantle velocity structure below the whole Nordic region.

This project forms part of a programme on “Dynamic topography around the North Atlantic – Acquisition and interpretation of seismological data”, which is funded by the Danish Research Council. It focuses on testing hypotheses on the mechanisms that create and modify topography and bathymetry in the North Atlantic Ocean and surrounding continents by:

  • Interpretation of crustal and upper mantle structure based on broadband seismological data
  • Acquisition and interpretation of on- and off-shore refraction crustal seismic profiles

Integration of the seismic interpretation with gravity and petrologic data will provide understanding of the structure and composition of the lithosphere, and determination of anisotropy in the upper mantle may provide indication for past and present lithospheric deformation. We will test if the crust and lithosphere are in isostatic equilibrium or if dynamic forces actively support the high topography in the region. With this project, we will be able to compare results from three key areas of high topography in the North Atlantic region: S and N Scandinavia and central Greenland.

We seek outstanding individuals with recent degrees in geosciences or physics, preferably with experience in seismological data processing and interpretation. Fluency in English, both verbally and in writing, is a necessity. Candidates should hold a PhD degree and have experience with seismic tomography. The succesful candidate will work together with a PhD Fellow.

Terms of employment
The successful Postdoc candidate will be offered a full-time 1.5-year position at a salary of ca. 2200 €/month. The position is open for appointment from 1 February 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Application should include (i) motivation for the application, (ii) statement of research interests, (iii) curriculum vitae, (iv) copies of diplomas, (v) short abstract of the PhD/MSc thesis (a full pdf will be appreciated), whichever relevant, (vi) the names, e-mails, telephones and addresses of 2-4 references, and (vii) a proof of a TOEFL or similar test of English language, if relevant.

Assessment of applications will begin on 10 December 2017, but applications may be submitted after this date. Application should be submitted to Professor Hans Thybo, email, from whom further information about the positions may also be obtained.