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Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Marine Isotope Biogeochemistry

Job summary
Job summary
Sector Academic
Relevant divisions Biogeosciences (BG)
Geomorphology (GM)
Ocean Sciences (OS)
Type Full time
Level Experienced
Employer Stockholm University
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Salary To be negotiated
Required education PhD
Application deadline 15 January 2018
Posted 3 December 2017
Employer information

At Stockholm University marine research and education has been conducted for over five decades on the Baltic Sea and other marine areas such as the tropical seas and the Arctic regions. Stockholm University’s mission is to strengthen and illuminate this significant marine activity that involves over ten different Departments at the University. New researchers employed at various departments of the University will create a joint marine interdisciplinary research team with a focus on Baltic Sea research.
The Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University is one of these departments and currently hosts c. 70 permanent academic staff, post-doctoral and guest researchers, engineers and administrative personnel, and PhD students. Research and teaching at the Department encompasses Geology, Geochemistry, and Marine Geology.

Stockholm University is now inviting applicants for the following positions:
Assistant Professor in Marine Isotope Biogeochemistry at the Department of Geological Sciences
Assistant Professor in Marine Geophysical Mapping and Modelling at the Department of Geological Sciences
Assistant Professor in Hydrological Transport at the Department of Physical Geography
Postdoctoral Fellow in Baltic Sea Molecular Ecology at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
Postdoctoral Fellow in Baltic Sea Ecosystem Change at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences

We particularly seek scientists interested in collaborative research related to different aspects of the Baltic Sea environment. While each position has a home department, the employees will enjoy being a part of an interdisciplinary research team at the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre.


Job description

The Department of Geological Sciences at Stockholm University seeks applicants in the field of Marine Isotope Biogeochemistry. Geochemical research at Stockholm University has a long tradition of low temperature geochemistry and biogeochemistry, aimed at understanding the geochemical processes that determine the composition, history, and climate on Earth. We seek applicants who use isotopes as a tool to gain further understanding of biogeochemical processes in aquatic ecosystems. The envisioned research should be relevant for the Baltic Sea placing such research in a worldwide context of marine and coastal systems.

The main responsibilities associated with this position will include research (80%) as well as teaching and student supervision in support of our curriculum, which includes on-site, distance and field-based courses. The position is linked to the Baltic Sea Center ( Applicants will be assessed primarily on scientific merits, but teaching experience and ability to attract external funding are also considered. Visit our web site ( to find more information about the position and to learn more about the department and its resources.

Please use the Stockholm University web-based application system to apply. Specific information about the application procedure can be found at Further information can be obtained from Professor Martin Jakobsson ( and Volker Brüchert (

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