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Event Response Analyst

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Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is the world’s leading provider of mathematical models and information related to the financial impact of natural catastrophes. We have a team of fifty PhD scientists and engineers based in London building mathematical models that predict the distributions of possible damage due to the effects of tropical storms, extra-tropical storms, thunderstorms, storm-surges and freshwater floods. We use a combination of observed data, reanalysis data, numerical, statistical and engineering models and data assimilation. We are the pioneers in the development and application of complex statistical and numerical modelling methods for the quantification of natural hazard risk, and our risk models are the most detailed and comprehensive models of natural catastrophes produced anywhere in the world. Our clients include several hundred insurance and reinsurance companies as well as brokers, banks, hedge funds, regional and local governments, and multilateral agencies.


London, United Kingdom


Full time

Entry level


Required education

Application deadline
17 July 2018

7 June 2018

Job description

RMS is seeking to hire a full-time analyst to join its London-based Event Response team. This team develops, tests and applies processes and procedures that allow us to produce real-time information about natural catastrophes and the damage they have caused. Much of the work is related to hurricanes, but also includes other perils such as winterstorms, floods, and convective storms. There can be significant overtime when there are major or multiple events at a time. This role would be appropriate for someone with a Masters or PhD, with a particular interest in the topic of real-time response to natural disasters.

If you are interested, please visit this link to read a full job description: Appropriate candidates will be contacted for interviews.