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Spatial Information Scientist / Junior Geologist

Spatial Information Scientist / Junior Geologist

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High Grade Metals Ltd

High Grade Metals is an Australian Stock Exchange listed mineral exploration company focussed on Austria.


Bratislava, Australia


Relevant divisions
Energy, Resources and the Environment (ERE)
Geodesy (G)


Entry level


Preferred education
Undergraduate degree

Application deadline
19 August 2018

10 July 2018

Job description
  • Provide high quality technical assistance to the Company
  • Be responsible for database management, data capture and data storage of all exploration information
  • Be responsible for the provision of software services (eg. creation of maps, cross sections, and any output required)
  • Assist in the execution of exploration programs in Austria
  • Ensure books, records, reports are all written to a professional standard, and submitted to the regulatory authorities as legally required (inclusive of generating required reports), across the portfolio
  • Receive, store, process and interrogate data sets in the pursuit of finding economic commodity deposits in the Company’s exploration areas
  • Support the Company’s CSR policies across its projects, utilizing in country knowledge and experience as well as in any new program undertaken
  • Support the General Exploration Manager and Senior Exploration Geologist as required
  • Field work including geological mapping/geochemical sampling and drilling rig work will be required

Must have some level of language skills, drivers licence, preparedness to travel to remote sites and be available to work in Bratislava

Apply by contacting Torey Marshall (